Renée Fleming - Kudos


The Sunday Times | March 11, 2012

by Hugh Canning

Given that Fleming celebrated 50 years in 2009 – when she premiered Dutilleux’s Le Temps L’Horloge (Time and Clock), recorded live here – the state of her voice is a cause for wonderment. The plush, peachy tone, her trademark, sounds unimpaired by the years; and, sung in decipherable French, the language she claims to enjoy more than any other, her accounts of the Dutilleux songs (tailor-made for her voice) and Messaien’s early, rhapsodic Poèmes pour Mi are surely hors concours. The American Soprano justifiably revels in the sound of her own voice. If there have been more Gallic Shèhèrazades on disc, none is more beautifully sung.

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