Renée Fleming - Kudos

LA TRAVIATA: "Fleming was born to sing Violetta"

Chicago Tribune, January 14 2008
So hotly pursued is Renée Fleming by so many opera houses that even a major theater such as Lyric Opera has no choice but to take a number and wait its turn. As a matter of fact, the last time America's reigning opera diva sang a complete opera at Lyric was in 2002-03, when the soprano took the title role in Massenet's "Thaïs."

You Go to the Movie Theater, and an Opera Breaks Out

The New York Times January 3, 2008
"Renée Fleming is becoming the hostess of choice for these broadcasts. The inviting and affable Ms. Fleming took us backstage to watch the tenor Philip Langridge put on fat pads, rubbery arms, jowly chin and a frizzled gray wig to turn himself into the witch, a process, we learned, that takes an hour and 20 minutes. Ms. Fleming, a self- confessed lover of sweets, practically drooled when she was shown the real puff pastries, strudels and cakes atop the witch’s huge kitchen table, where she tries to fatten up Hansel for baking. The producers of these broadcasts are banking that scenes of backstage activity, even during the performance, will draw the audience in without dispelling the fantasy of the show."
- Anthony Tommasini
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Glamour lives
"Renée Fleming, May 14: Glamour lives. The empress of opera floated into an ocean of fans at Eugene's Hult Center to sing plummy arias from "Thaïs" and "Arabella" and, of course, Dvorak's "Hymn to the Moon." Less a concert than a religious experience, Fleming earned countless standing ovations for her creamy notes and honeyed phrasing. Her Ella impression in " Over the Rainbow" left us there."
- David Stabler 
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