Renée Fleming - DARK HOPE
Renée Fleming | Dark Hope

First live rendition of "Endlessly" on UK TV

"This Morning" talk show on ITV -- Renée Fleming performs "Endlessly" from her new album Dark Hope

19 May 2010

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Opera Star Fleming Sets out on "Dark" Adventure

19 April 2010 | By Kerri Mason

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Opera superstar Renee Fleming's favorite piece on "Dark Hope," her new album, features unusual, almost Gregorian chant-like harmonies. In fact, she describes the song as "vocally the rangiest piece we did; the text is so enigmatic and strange."

But the song in question isn't an aria from a forgotten opera or a long-lost baroque oratorio. It's "With Twilight as My Guide," a bit of dark ambience from progressive-rock band the Mars Volta. And along with songs by Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Arcade Fire and six other decidedly nonclassical acts, the album is an adventurous, mold-shattering project from arguably the world's greatest living soprano.

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Diva goes to the dark side

29 March 2010

Peter Conrad | The Observer
Soprano Renée Fleming is truly a global star. She graced the Obama inauguration, sang at the Beijing Olympics and has dazzled opera fans for years. But now she's growling rock songs by Muse and Arcade Fire. Why the key change?

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Renée Fleming visits a “new universe” with Dark Hope

24 February 2010

Renée Fleming's new album 'Dark Hope', which the opera star describes as a "visit to a new, parallel universe," will be released by Decca this spring. The album was recorded in close collaboration with producer David Kahne (Regina Spektor, The Strokes, The Bangles, Sublime, and countless others) in New York City, and features a diverse and adventurous track listing of songs.


Dark Hope Q&A with Renée Fleming

24 February 2010

Renée Fleming recently sat down to discuss her upcoming album.

Tell me about the album title, “Dark Hope.”

We discussed many potential album titles. Throughout the recording process, David Kahne and I had long conversations about the meaning of the song lyrics and the concept behind this project. He felt that the songs represent two opposing viewpoints: one of youthful ardor and the fight against establishment, and the other a more mature perspective of someone who has already experienced life. So what is “Dark Hope”? We know that hope is light, something positive. Dark we associate with the opposite. So “Dark Hope” is an outlook of maturity, of someone who's really lived, and been through it all, and who says to the young, angry person, “You have to stay hopeful, you have to stay positive.” I love the title, because it’s a paradox. It immediately makes you think.


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