Renée Fleming | Diva Renee Fleming on 'Rodelinda' at the Met

NY Daily News

12 November 2011

Diva Renee Fleming on 'Rodelinda' at the Met

Diva Renee Fleming on 'Rodelinda' at the Met

Renee Fleming revisits her triumphant take on Handel’s “Rodelinda” Monday night at the Metropolitan Opera, where she’s sung 21 roles in 20 years. 

That’s one busy diva.

Not that this upper West Side soprano who’s been called opera’s golden girl has been keeping track.

“It would so surprise me if it was that many, but it could well be,” she says. “I rarely count anything. But ... 21 ... really?”


It’s a week before opening night and at the moment Fleming is taking 5 — well, 30. She’s dressed casually in a black blouse and long skirt that hides a soft brace wrapped around an inflamed left knee.

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