Renée Fleming | Viennese Finale for <em>Perspectives</em>

Viennese Finale for Perspectives

10 May 2013

Viennese Finale for <em>Perspectives</em>

Photo by Jennifer Taylor

Renée's Perspectives residency at Carnegie Hall culminated in a May 4 musical voyage to fin-de-siècle Vienna. Joined by the Emerson String Quartet, pianist Jeremy Denk. violist Paul Neubauer, and cellist Colin Carr, Renée made her very first foray into the world of chamber music, presenting little-known gems of composers Karl Weigl, Erich Zeisl, Anton Webern, and Egon Wellesz, all of whose careers were disrupted, if not thwarted, by the rise of Nazism. Better-known works included songs by Strauss, Wagner, Brahms and Schoenberg. Renée regarded it as a special privilege to perform for Ronald Schoenberg and Barbara Zeisl Schoenberg, two of the composers' children, who are married and were in the audience that night.