Renée Fleming | Thaïs DVD released

Thaïs DVD released

29 January 2010

Thaïs DVD released

Renée Fleming stars in the Metropolitan Opera's first staging of Thaïs for 30 years. Her ravishing assumption of the title role plays opposite the great American baritone, Thomas Hampson.


Renée Fleming triumphs as the glamorous courtesan Thaïs in Massenet’s romantic tragedy set in fourth century Alexandria and the Egyptian desert. The timeless struggle between earthly desire and spiritual redemption finally destroys the resolve of the monk Athanaël (Thomas Hampson), just as the newly penitent Thaïs ascends heavenward. Jesús López-Cobos gives a masterly performance of Massenet’s sensuous score, with concert master David Chan contributing a ravishing ‘Méditation’.

* Renée Fleming’s best-selling audio set of Thaïs was greeted by the Associated Press: “Fleming was in glorious voice, floating high pianissimos with ease, pouring out melting, creamy tone.” If anything, Renée Fleming’s DVD assumption is deeper, subtler, more touching

* The New York Times lauded Renée Fleming as a “vocally sumptuous and unabashedly show-stealing Thaïs”. If this is crime, opera needs more of it!

* Short bonus feature: “Backstage at the Met” with Plácido Domingo

* Filmed in High Definition

* Renée Fleming’s costumes for this production were made by French designer Christian Lacroix