Renée Fleming | Opera Star Fleming Sets out on "Dark" Adventure

Opera Star Fleming Sets out on "Dark" Adventure

19 April 2010

Opera Star Fleming Sets out on | By Kerri Mason

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Opera superstar Renee Fleming's favorite piece on "Dark Hope," her new album, features unusual, almost Gregorian chant-like harmonies. In fact, she describes the song as "vocally the rangiest piece we did; the text is so enigmatic and strange."

But the song in question isn't an aria from a forgotten opera or a long-lost baroque oratorio. It's "With Twilight as My Guide," a bit of dark ambience from progressive-rock band the Mars Volta. And along with songs by Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Arcade Fire and six other decidedly nonclassical acts, the album is an adventurous, mold-shattering project from arguably the world's greatest living soprano.

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