Renée Fleming | Renée Fleming gives back to South African School

Renée Fleming gives back to South African School

12 April 2010

The KZN Philharmonic, on behalf of Renée Fleming and her family, will donate two new computers to the pupils of Addington Primary School in Durban on Tuesday, April 13.  The handover will be followed by an education concert performed by the orchestra.  The gift of the computers came to bear following the highly successful Renée Fleming / KZN Philharmonic SA tour in 2009 which included a master class and a school visit in addition to the three countrywide concerts. 

Ms Fleming’s own interest in education, coupled with the orchestra’s own successful and long-running education and development programme, resulted in the addition of the master class and school visit to the tour’s itinerary. Addington Primary is a public school with around 1400 pupils mostly from disadvantaged communities.

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